Pre-sales Analysis And Optimization

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As our new technology concept requires a new approach and thorough understanding, especially of the differences and consequences with respect to other conventional ones, which provide a significant balance of system cost reduction, we always offer support during the system’s design process to provide not only the right equipment, but also to help customers in achieving the best solution, both technically and economically, based in our knowledge and ample previous experience. Our technical support covers all aspects needed to maximize our customers’ benefit and to reduce their costs, from basic inception and design criteria to the resulting implementation for investment optimization.

According to the different requirements of the clients, Wynnertech provides the optimized layout for the specific project, reducing investment cost and bringing maximum return for the clients. Wynnertech has developed an advanced optimization design tool which can not only bring out quickly the most economic layout scheme, but calculates the differences of investment between different layout plans at the same time. This analysis is done by a highly skilled dedicated team, and is p0erfomed specifically for every customers requirements and criteria for each specific project.
Considering that Wynnertech’s ZENIT inverter has high active overload capacity, in power plant design, with relatively high overcapacity factor, ZENIT won’t lose peak power. Generally we recommend the connect ZENIT 1.6M inverter’s unit subsystem with DC modules of 2MW or even more in some situations. As to normal 500KW inverters in China, without losing peak power, it is generally recommended with overcapacity factor of up to1:1.1.
The following is a simple comparison with solutions with ZENIT-1.6M and 500KW inverter in a power plant of 60MW in the northwest of China. In this project, we adopt polycrystalline silicon modules of 250Wp; there are 22 modules in one string; every 2×22 modules are a row, shown with C:\Users\Jane\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\153564952\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\F~HZIY9CMM]A5N[}}%WCQ53.png, string box is C:\Users\Jane\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\153564952\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\Q%8}@SO141RYFDR_}@O8F92.png, inverter and transformer is C:\Users\Jane\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\153564952\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\PXK3KW1F7[DMYX73)2JSTRO.png, and road leading to the plant is to the north of the inverter. Please see Solution I --ZENIT 1.6M’s subsystem is connected to 2068kWp:


Solution II --ZENIT 1.6M unit subsystem connected to 2068kWp:

Solution III: 500KW inverter (2 units) connected to 11ookWp:
Solution IV: 500KW inverter (2 units) connected to 11ookWp:
Solution V: 500KW inverter (2 units) connected to 11ookWp:

Solution VI: 500KW inverter (2 units) connected to 1078kWp:

Solution VII: 500KW inverter (2 units) connected to 1078kWp:

Solution VIII: 500KW inverter (2 units) connected to 1034kWp:

In the 8 different solutions, the differences of cost/Wp consist in cost of string box, DC cable, AC cable, transformer substation, roads, land occupation, all kinds of tubing and installation fee. Based on purchase and installation cost of EPC companies in China, we’ve calculated the investment cost of the 8 solutions as below. Note: this result is calculated according the purchase prices of the PV plant in the northwest of China. In fact, different investors’ purchase price of equipment and materials may vary from each other, so the cost offered here is only for reference.
In the 8 solutions, total costs of string box, DC cable, inverter and its foundation, AC cable, transformer and its foundations, roads, land occupation, cable laying and accessory materials are as below:



Judging from the analysis listed above, we can see that Wynnertech’s ZENIT 1.6M solutions (Solution 1 and Solution2) have advantages in all the investment items except for DC cable, and have a clear advantage considering the total final amounts. Though the purchase price and construction cost may be different in different projects,the pricing trend of the investment items won’t change, so our conclusion is that Wynnertech’s solution can save more than 0.085RMB/Wp in total cost.