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Wynnertech will take Intersolar its ALBA 1500 Vdc inverter

Spanish-Chinese power electronics manufacturer Wynnertech will present its next generation compact inverter for large photovoltaic plants at Intersolar the ALBA 1500 Vdc.

Also during the event, which will be held in Munich from May 30 to June 2, the company wils showcase its the multi-level electric vehicle rapid charging station.Wynnertech completed certification tests on the solar inverter ALBA 4x 1500 Vdc at the end of last year. At the same time, it signed a 20 MW supply agreement with the Chinese developer, Shenzhen Farad Electric Co., for a photovoltaic plant of Swiss promoter Global Discovery AG near Mahan in Iran.

Wynnertech's history in operations under extreme desert conditions, coupled with the system's reduced operating requirements, resulting from IsoCool gas cooling, were decisive for the choice of ALBA 4x inverters.

IsoCool is an external cooling air circulation system that prevents air from circulating inside the inverter, preventing the entry of water, snow, sand or dust, and limiting the operating temperature range of electronic components. It does not require air filters, which avoids regular costs of cleaning or replacing filters.

The investor certification procedures were completed at the testing facilities of China Electric Power Research Institute and China Quality Control in Nanjing, China.According to Wynnertech, the ALBA 4x "is the high power inverter with the best price / watt ratio in the market".It has up to 3.5 MW of power and can be stored within a container for outdoor installation. Its OptiSwitch system allows "advanced control to increase efficiency and minimize harmonics". In addition, it complies with all network codes.

Wynnertech is a manufacturer of power electronics components and equipment for power generation and storage, electric vehicle charging and network support and testing. It has its own technology and European designs and quality standards. And with competitive Chinese manufacturing, which allows it to offer "leading systems with the best price per watt in the market," says the company itself.

Quick charge station

Attendees at Intersolar will also be able to see the company's new quick charge electric vehicle station.Like the ALBA inverter, the charging station also uses the IsoCool and OptiSwitch technologies. It is ready for the installation of photovoltaic and storage systems. And its external installation can be done without adding additional equipment, which minimizes the investment. 

Wynnertech is part of the new energy division of Dynavolt, a listed manufacturer of batteries, electric vehicles and high-tech electrical equipment.

The company's representatives at Intersolar can be found at booth B3-357.

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