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Wynnertech’s ZENIT PV inverter has won“Gigawatt Gold Award” and “Annual Innovation Award” on Shanghai SNEC EXPO

This is the first time that Wynnertech, as a young company that was only established two and a half years ago, has attended the largest and most influential PV exposition—Shanghai SNEC (2015). Fortunately for this young company, Wynnertech has drawn tons of attention in the expo.

GM Juan is introducing ZENIT to some visitors by himself

Depending on its revolutionary advantages suchextra high power, unique active liquid cooling system, patented control board and master-slave control strategy, Wynnertech’s ZENIT PV grid-connected inverter has won the “Gigawatt Gold Award” given by the organization committee of SNEC and the “Annual Innovation Award” issued by Shine Magazine &Solarbe.

Wynnertech’s president is giving a speech on launch event of “Ten Highlights” of SNEC

GM Juan is being interviewed by la Agencia EFE’s reporter in Shanghai 

GM Juan (third person on the right) is receiving “Gigawatt Award” of Ten Highlights

Wynnertech’s president (first on the right) is receiving “Annual Innovation Award” issued by Shine Magazine

During the short span of two years, Wynnertech has accomplished a series of major initiatives which include development of new product, manufacture of prototype, certification of product, batch production, and constructing a pilot project in Dunhuang. The hardships they went through are unknown to outsiders. Leaders of this company have always believed that innovation takes courage and persistence. This time in SNEC, Wynnertechs ZENIT PV inverter has finally obtained unanimous approval from experts of the sector, proprietors of PV plants, operators and even the competitors, so we can say this is a milestone in Wynnertech’s technological innovation road. May Wynnertech obtain more innovation achievements in the future, get more approval, and become the benchmark of power electronics industry of China and even all over the world.

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