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Wynnertech and CQCTT cooperating in construction of LVRT testing Platform

In March 2nd, 2015, by signing with CQC -Trusted Testing Technology Co., Ltd (CQCTT), Wynnertech has become CQCTT’s provider of LVRT testing equipment. This cooperation is the milestone marking Wynnertech’s new breakthrough in power electronics and new progress in marketing exploration and product innovation.

Up to now, Wynnertech has provided 6 LVRT testing equipment POWER TESTER for Chinese market. Yet this is the first time that Wynnertech’s POWER TESTER has been used in quality testing laboratory of China, and the first time that it is applied in testing of PV generation system.

As a high-tech company aimed at enabling grid connection of power generation and large users, and at improving the stability and management of the electricity network, Wynnertech core business is to develop in-house top level power electronics proprietary technology, producing the most advanced state of the art equipment with the best quality-price ratio of the market. Through participating in the creation of grid-connection standards and testing standards of China and foreign countries, relying on its strong capability of research and development, Wynnertech has developed a series of products covering multi-sectors of power electronics, such as grid-connection testing of PV/wind power, testing platform for power electronics products, high-power predelivery test platform for power electronics products, etc. Especially the 3.2MW PV inverter ZENIT which has been legalized in the year 2014 has broken many traditional concepts, and is leading the trend of development of power electronics sector.

CQC -Trusted Testing Technology Co., Ltd (CQCTT) is the testing base of China quality certification center (CQC) for new energy products, the collaborative lab with TüV SüD, the one and the only CBTL in PV certification and testing field in china, and it is the professional third-party technical services organization. Meanwhile, CQCTT and NESC has the close cooperative partnership.Our main business is to provide "one-stop" certification and testing, quality management, personnel training and other public services for new energy industry, and the whole process of quality control and technical services for photovoltaic power station.

Through the cooperation between Wynnertech and CQCTT, one of the most advanced and reliable LVRT is being constructed, and a new page for high-end cooperation between both parties has been turned over.

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